Ding Dong the Witch is Dead…

Dear Atrios, Kos, Olliver Willis, DU, Democrats.com, Buzzflash and the rest on the left end of the blogoshpere,
I hope you aren’t upset if I think your daily posts about the “fraudulent’ Mission Accomplished sign quite good…
to poop on!
/s Al Maviva
Ps. There’s a reason the insult comic dog is called TRIUMPH!
Congrats Major Sean, and pass the congrats on to your fellow troops. You’ll have to give us an update. I don’t know if everyone appreciates the magnitude of the sacrifice – not just of the dead, the amputees, the wounded, but of everyone who has given up months of their lives, sat in the burning heat, gotten sand fleas and parasites, maybe lost a wife and family to divorce, put life plans on hold, to carry out this mission.
As a man who spent six months in the sandbox in ’91, I understand the day to day grind over there, and I appreciate what you and the boys (and the girls) are doing for those of us who merely enjoy the fruits of your labors.
As a man who lost a dozen friends in the World Trade Center attack, I know that your (and your comrades) sacrifice is going toward stopping this beast of Islamofascist tyranny – the two headed monster of religious fanatics, and secular fascists who are happy to use religion as an excuse and prop in their oppression.

Had Bush been stopped here at home, it would have been due in large part by the Dem’s arguments that a failure to capture Saddam meant failure all around, this dark force loose in the world would have gone on unchecked. A Dem president would have given us a withdrawal from the Middle East, and allowed secular and religious Islamofascism to continue brewing and fermenting, even as Iran and Saudi work to develop the Islamicist A-bomb.
Believe it or not, I sat here this morning crying tears of joy over this happy event. Not because capturing Saddam vindicates the pro war position. I’m unswayed, and convinced that we were and still are right.
No, the capture of Saddam means that Bush’s opponents will be without one of their strongest arguements against him. He stands a good chance of winning re-election now, and may have the political capital (at home and in the middle east) necessary to work (with Tony Blair and Mr. Howard) to push for the democratic transformation of the Middle East. Not only is John Kerry defanged, but so is Hadji Jihadi. Saddam is a living example of the principle that if you stick your middle finger up at America long enough, some reckless, simplistic American cowboy will come along and kick your ass. So the potential ripple effect of this in the middle east is enormous.
And maybe if we can move the middle east toward a more sustainable and reasonable political system, then maybe my son won’t have to go bear arms against these people.
Be careful friend – I suspect Fedayeen Saddam may be on the outs, but Hezbollah, Ansar al Islam and all the rest don’t give a flying fig about whether Saddam is captured or free. I further suspect that now is when it gets really dangerous – when we “discover” that Islamicist groups are working hard to kill our troops in Iraq. With Saddam de-fanged, it will be increasingly hard to spin attacks on U.S. troops and Shiite mosques as the work of the Fedayeen. We will be forced to admit that our real enemy is the religious fanatics, and their state sponsors of Iran and Syria, and perhaps Saudi, and who knows who else. So we move from danger to danger. We’ve a long way to go yet.
But today, we should celebrate. As former CIA director Woolsey might say, there are no more dragons, but today, we caught one of the snakes.
UPDATE: Well, I know how the left is going to spin this one. All I needed to do is check out Buzzflash where this BBC article describing Saddam’s capture was being billed as “Saddam is Captured: This Does Not Excuse the Bush Lies.”
Buzzflash is a good place to look to find what the left will be saying about something, because the jackanape who runs the site updates it early in the day, and he’s a hard left Democrat activist, who is in the political spin business. He’s a low level player, so he is a bit of a sycophant – meaning he is on the party talking points early, and he stays on the party talking points.
So there it is folks: Saddam capture irrelevant, when compared to Bush lies (or corruption; or partying daughters; or fill in the blank). You heard it here first. Fearless prediction: the Sunday morning news talk shows will feature a number of Dems spouting variations on this theme.
Isn’t it nice when one’s opinions on life and death matters of national security are answered based on whether one is okay with Bush, or hates his mother-lovin’ guts?



  1. Bruce

    If the anti-Isreali groups attack us in Iraq then we will have reason to go after the Palestinian refugee camps and Syria to capture and destroy those suicide killers infrastructure. It is certainly an indication that peace may soon come to the middle east.

  2. Iraq and a Hard Place

    Funny, I never saw the headline “Clinton Wins Impeachment Vote: This Does Not Excuse the Clinton Lies.”

  3. Major Sean Bannion

    It was history, Al. Pure history. Now I hope I just don’t sit around and bore my grnadchildren with stories that start, “When I was in Baghdad…”
    Thank you for your comments. I don’t have to pass them on. They already know. I’ve made you required reading with most of my folks here on a daily basis.

  4. Dave J

    Major, maybe everybody already knows, but thanks again anyway. And please don’t ever feel obligated to refrain from telling war stories to your grandchildren some day: my grandfather was at Pearl Harbor and what he told me I don’t remember even once finding boring.