Congratulations all around

Your faithful correspondent Al Maviva became the proud father of a son last week. Congratulzioni, carissimo, from me and all your fellow writers. We wish you nothing but eternal happiness.
Also, hearty yeas to reader/commenter Dave J for becoming a member of the bar (sworn in by the Chief Justice of the notorious Florida Supreme Court, no less!). We know you’ll do the law profession proud.



  1. Scott Wickstein

    One day I will do something meritorious, like getting a real job, or a girlfriend. On current form, I wouldn’t hold your breathe though.
    Congrats to Al Maviva for his paternal achievements, and Dave for his legal work!

  2. Al Maviva

    Dave, congratulations.
    Just don’t forget, it’s that tiny fraction of rotten lawyers, that ruin it for the other one percent of us.
    Seriously though, congratulations, and remember that it can be a very noble professsion, if you are willing to let the text of the law, your ethics, your morals and your community inform all your decisions. Otherwise, it’s just a job, and if that’s how you feel about it, you might as well be a plumber. As is true elsewhere in life, think of others first and you will do alright, and be well thought of. As an attorney, you have nothing but your ability to help others, and your reputation – so putting others first and building a good reputation is very important. Oh, and one other thing. I hope you are prepared to work really, really hard at any task put before you.
    Best of luck, and shoot me an email if you ever want some solicited advice.
    Ps. That’ll be $175. I bill to the nearest half hour.