Being Like Mike

Time senior editor Mike Weisskopf was in a truck traveling with some other newsies yesterday, when they were attacked by a grenade chucking terrori… er, militant.
It’s reported that Weisskopf caught the grenade and tossed it, losing his hand but saving the lives of his fellow journalists.
No word yet on:
1. Whether he had it coming, as retaliation for Time meddling in Middle Eastern affairs.
2. Whether the attack could have been prevented by a humbler US foreign policy and establishing free clinics.
3. Whether the suspiciously named Weisskopf was attacked due to zionist sympathies.
4. When the Dhimmi staff at Time will bow down to Allah. After all, Allah has granted Islam dominion over all lands to which the Qu’ran has spread, and since the Qu’ran is followed by some in America, militants feel it is a great injustice that the Great Satan is not yet under Sharia, in the Dar Al Islam (the “house of Islam”).
UPDATE: It occurs to me that the above could be taken as rather harsh.
Well, it should be. But let me clarify. I think what Weisskopf did was both brave, and cleverly self interested – the embodiment of two or three virtues really. In saving another correspondent and a couple GI’s, he did a good thing.
But I wanted to look at the incident through the eyes he (or an AP or Reuters stringer) would have seen with, prior to the incident. The eyes of moral equivalence, the eyes of feigned indifference, the eyes that see a comparison of the Hussein police state mass murder with the Bush DOJ’s excessive caution in detaining suspects – as a legitimate and reasonable comparison. The kind of viewpoint that sees Fedayeen Saddam and Hezbollah as no better or worse than our troops. Or our 3,000 dead civilians.
I suppose it’s nasty, shocking, and hurtful to treat him that way.
Yep. It’s downright shitty to speak of him as if he were no better, and no worse than the scum that attacked him.
It sucks, don’t it?


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