The unilateral follies

So the United States is the renegade cowboy nation, always going at things alone, without consulting our betters….er, allies?
Read Max Boot’s article and tell me that description isn’t better applied to the EUnuchs themselves:
Russia signaled last week that it might not ratify the Kyoto accord on global warming. The week before, France and Germany abrogated the Stability and Growth Pact, which requires all euro-zone members to keep their budget deficits under 3% of gross domestic product. And French troops in Ivory Coast are still struggling to impose some stability in that country, where they arrived in September 2002 without benefit of a U.N. resolution. Last week riots broke out around France’s main military base in the port city of Abidjan.
As these events transpired, I couldn’t help remembering how many times I’ve been lectured by self-righteous Europeans in the last year. Europe, they claim, is governed by the rule of law, whereas the United States lives by the law of the jungle. Europe is multilateral, the United States unilateral. Europe good, United States bad. A nice conceit, that. Too bad European governments are so keen to disprove it.