And Now for Something Completely Academic

What with all the hullabaloo surrounding The Guardian’s recent discovery that International ANSWER is backed by (gasp) communists, this article seems apt, if only to demonstrate that our friends in the British press aren’t the only folks who are somewhat clueless and out of touch.
Seriously, it is conferences like that one, coupled with bad publicity about draconian speech codes,
course descriptions that defy description
and general academic asshattery that will leave schools and universities open to the incursion of the private sector.
Getting misty-eyed about Marx and Lenin won’t save education, kids. Try teaching facts, not ideology. That would be a glorious revolution, indeed.



  1. Al Maviva

    In other news, the Mirror discovers that water is wet and it’s probably Bush’s fault; the LA Times discovers that Robert Scheer isn’t the nom-de-plume of Bill Buckley, and the Nation is not the same as National Review as they’d first expected; and the NY Times discovers that the truth hurts, especially when it comes back to bite you in the ass, hard and repeatedly.
    And as for that article… yeah, I’m sure it’s right, I’m sure they do get a lot of hemmorhoids at those conferences on new ways to boost academic marxism. How could you help it, with all those gigantic assholes in attendance?
    (Sorry, that was thoroughly obvious to anybody who read the stinkin’ article. But it could not be left unsaid.)

  2. BAW

    Al –
    Hee! Obvious, maybe, but it needed saying. I was especially charmed by the fellow who asked himself every day what he was doing to destroy capitalism–I should think that accepting a paycheck from a university would be a major stumbling block for him…but cognitive dissonance is apparently alive and well in his little corner of the world.