No rest for the wicked

President Bush makes a historic, first-ever secret trip to Baghdad to dine with US troops on Thanksgiving. But the wacks at Democratic Underground think it’s all a cynical photo-op. A political ploy. A plot to undermine Hillary..
Think I’m kidding? Here are some choice quotes from DUers:
“I am so gagged by his histrionics that I cannot bear it”
“Bush went to Iraq because he knew that Hillary was headed there after her visit with Sen Reid to Afghanistan.”
“No one can top this.Did he start the war for photo-ops or jusr (sic) cashing in?”
“Howcome (sic) there is such a disconnect between what the troops think and what we back home here, who are opposed to the invasion of weak countries in order to get what they have, think?”
“[T]he coward in chief couldn’t stand to let a real human being stand him up.
hillary in afghanistan — bush in iraq{for 2 hours}. no way did rove plan this before hillary planned hers. he’s a pig and like a pig the next election will render his bacon to grease.”
“What a disgusting piece of shit this coward is! I have extreme difficulty feeling ANY compassion for the ignorant soldiers who support this lying, greedy, immoral bastard.”
Thank you for your kind words to our soldiers, assholes. No wonder you’re underground…things like you usually disintegrate in the sunlight.



  1. Cathy

    Great entry, Sasha! Just found your blog today and love it. It’s great to see so many conservative blogs on the internet.
    And for the record, I am one of the MANY but proud people that have been banned from the DUh after only ONE post. I wear that badge with pride.
    Thanks to George Bush, today is yet another day I feel so very proud to be a Conservative American. I once again feel the hope he has renewed in the hearts of so many.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m off to read your archives!
    Cathy in TX

  2. Al Maviva

    The hard left slammed him as an ineffective idiot – until he beat their brains out on Education reform and a tax cut.
    They slammed him as an inarticulate fool, until he picked up a megaphone at ground zero, and told the cops and firefighters just the right thing to lift their spirits.
    They slammed him as a coward for not returning to Washington the moment the city came under attack.
    Now they’re slamming him as a showboat for showing some guts, and risking his life to fly into semi-occupied Baghdad to rally the spirits of the troops.
    Why should we give a damn what they think? If the sun shined out Bush’s ass, they’d complain about the Bush-induced dark ages every time he shut the door to go to the bathroom. Piss on the hard left. All their talk about caring and just wanting the best for the country and knowing a better way to do things – it’s all bunk. They’re just a pack of bitter assholes, and the less time we spend listening to them, the better off we’ll be. Their opinions aren’t worth airing, or hearing.
    Ps. Thanks for mucking out the stables to check out what DU had to say about it, Sasha.

  3. Steve Pobsell

    Press stunt my ass DU. Witness the presidents teared up eyes when he met the troops. There is a love and compassion Bush exudes with the troops. A realization of the seriousness and importance of the tasks ahead. God bless him and our troops!!!

  4. M. Scott Eiland

    It isn’t just DU, either–as John Cole pointed out, the comments sections of several rather prominent lefty blogs are overflowing with dimwits whining about this. If I were running the RNC, I’d be collecting them for use in campaign literature to remind non-psychotic voters just what the other side represents.

  5. Fables of the reconstruction

    This Trip Will Make a Better Campaign Commercial Than That Carrier Thing

    Bush jets off for Thanksgiving dinner with 600 troops in Baghdad. Good P.R. move, and it made those 600 troopers feel better, I am sure. I didn’t read the speech he gave – it would only piss me off, and

  6. Major Sean Bannion

    “Howcome (sic) there is such a disconnect between what the troops think and what we back home here, who are opposed to the invasion of weak countries in order to get what they have, think?”
    That about says it all right there. It smacks of condescension and socialism all at once. It’s a subset of “The proles don’t know what’s good for them, we must lead them there. By force.”
    If they cannot figure out why there is a disconnect, it’s because they see anyone who doesn’t agree with them as stupid. Dismissing your opponents as morons doesn’t win the argument, but that is what has passed for acceptable discourse on the left since the 1960s, no thought required or appreciated.
    Now I know why the term “Idiotarian” was coined.
    I always love the types who think people are in the military because they can’t do anything else. Maybe it was that way at one time (although I HIGHLY) doubt it, but it certainly is not that way now.

  7. Billy Beck

    It was as predictable as sunrise, Sasha. In fact, I predicted it, even as the story was breaking.
    Take a look at this post, and note the time-stamp. It was the second thing in my mind:
    1) “Wow. Well, I could never endorse that man’s job, but there is no way around the fact that this is important to the Iraqi project, as clumsy and stoopid as it is.”
    2) “Within 24 hours, the bloody commies are all going to be sitting on huge piles of bricks that they themselves have been shitting ever since they got word of this.”
    They’re insects. You can see ’em coming a mile away.