Would the Real Intellectual Zeitgeist Please Stand Up?

So a reader pointed me to this fun little article, in which the publishing industry attempts to explain why it is that the New York Times Book Review seems a little bit, erm, BIASED when it comes to reviewing right wing tomes.
The books compared are the same in terms of tone: in this corner, Al Franken and Michael Moore, who get multiple reviews, and in the other Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly, who get none.
They sell similar numbers of copies, the content is the same–belittle and name-call the other side–so why the blatant disregard? Please, John Baker, enlighten us:
I dont think its a matter of shunning them because of their political slant, said John Baker of Publisher’s Weekly. I think it sees itself as having the responsibility to pursue the intellectual zeitgeist as it were, and not in things that it regards as comparatively transient in terms of political whims and currents of the moment.”
Ahaahaahaahaahaa! Whew! Okay, let’s recap. Conservatism, so-called in part because it’s all about tradition and beliefs that have BEEN AROUND FOREVER is a “transient political whim.”
Amazingly, this transient whim on the part of wacky, callow, insufficiently intellectual youths like William F. Buckley, seems to have caught on in parts of the country! Why, whatever will those whippersnappers think of next? But I’m sure that if you continue to ignore it, it’ll go away. That ALWAYS works.
Also, Mr. Baker, you might want to double check your local zeitgeist. The real youth of the country tend to poll a little to the right of the baby-boomers. But don’t feel too badly–I’m sure that just like your generation, they’ll get over it and see the light. Oh, wait. Nevermind.