Defining reductio down

Two great articles today about the impending Washington DC smoking ban:Radley Balko in TCS and Walter Williams in Townhall. Personal choice and property rights are the name of the game here.
Radley’s article talks about a nice new neologism from Julian Sanchez: “reductio” creep. When reductio ad absurdum is no longer absurd.
I once idly wondered, if I suffered from claustrophobia (I do, occasionally; a mild form), would I be entitled to sue the owner of a crowded restaurant or nightclub under the ADA because they were not making “reasonable” accomodations toward my disability?
Don’t laugh, it’s closer than you think.



  1. Dave in LA

    Not as a customer, but if you worked for one you would certainly be entitled to bring the action. Pretty sad, but I think true.

  2. The Bartender

    First: Walter Williams sure has a way of putting things so anyone can understand them.
    Second: I managed nightclubs and restaurants for years and once had a guy in a wheelchair try to sue me for an ADA violation [I threw him out for being a jack-ass]. Called the Feds and everything. Well, they couldn’t do anything to me becasue the violation was out in the parking lot and the lot was controlled by the shopping center. I laughed my ass off! Anyway, the smoking bans going up everywhere are total bullshit and W.Williams hits the nail on the head by turning the situation around and the laws requiring smoking.

  3. John Anderson

    First, a ban in DC will be subject to direct of Congress acting in its role as a surrogate state legislature for The District: they may have alowed themselves to be cowed into banning their cigars in their own halls and offices, I wonder if they will feel the same about the Watergate and other places? Albeit there’s always Georgetown (always being defined as “until next year”).
    Second, how long before the fashion police get into the act? There were “sumptuary” laws in Republican Rome, and in Seventeenth-century England, regarding things like the color purple and the use of lace.
    Oops, I just did what Mr. Balko says (and I agree) is a dangerous thing – giving the nannies an idea…