Red Ken

So, Red Ken is spouting off again and as is usual, it is utter and complete b.s. that he pulls straight outta his keyster.
What exactly did he say, you ask? He called Bush the greatest threat to life on the planet and said that his policies would doom us all to extinction.
Admittedly, Bush has done some things wrong (tariffs, for one) but come on. Where the hell did this come from?



  1. Tom Paine

    Red Ken is an unreconstructed Soviet-era communist.
    I remember back in the 1980s he refused to allow Jewish students to use City of London facilities to host a campaign in support of Soviet Jews.
    This, after he hosted a pro-Soviet exhibition.
    He was scum back then, and he’s still scum today.
    I think Maggie wanted him jailed, but “cooler” heads prevailed, which I personally regard as a great pity and a lost opportunity.

  2. Dave J

    Tom Paine, a clarification: do not insult the City of London by associating it with Red Ken. The Most Worshipful Corporation of London, the local government of the City (and possibly the wealthiest on Earth), the Square Mile still bound about in part by a street called London Wall, the old Roman city, the modern financial district, was never under Livingstone’s control when he ran the Greater London Council that Thatcher abolished in 1986, nor is it now after the creation of the Greater London Assembly. Though a miniscule fraction of the vast metropolis London has become, the City retains its ancient liberties, still governed by the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen and the Court of Common Council under the charter granted to it by King John in 1215, the same year as Magna Carta.

  3. James

    “Guys like Red Ken are a breed one would not expect in Britain. I still can’t believe he is an actual mayor of London. Scumbag.”
    Sadly, he got almost half the votes (in an election with 34.49% turnout). He and Galloway are the two strongest arguments I’ve yet seen against democracy…