Scott goes to the kitchen

I like food. I really do. It’s just the cooking I hate. But be that as it may, I actually ventured into the kitchen tonight to do the classic boring old standby, spaghetti bolognase. I declined to wear the Dolmio Grin, and instead used straight diced tomatoes, laced with garlic and Dijon Mustard.
Being the sort of man that PJ O’Rourke wrote “The Batchelor Home Companion” for, that is as far as I generally go; on occasion I do a decent chicken risotto, but I certainly don’t let it get to me. For me, kitchens are a chore. I prefer to be at the knife and fork end of things.

I was put in mind of all this by Michael Jennings, who is in Japan, the land of the rising culinary adventure. Being the daring type, Michael has been doing some interesting grazing, which he’s promised will be turned into a blog entry upon his return to London.
I emailed him back something along the lines of the need for a food blog, which of course, was a silly thing to do.
As Glenn Reynolds says

There are more things in the blogosphere, Jennifer Howard, than are dreamt of in your articles. . . .

Indeed there are. The food quater of the blogosphere is huge as well; Kiplog’s Foodblog lists over 100 foodblogs on it’s links page. And it occurred to me that there must be precious few topics, hobbies, or interests, that don’t have their own quater of the blogosphere. I’m off to have a look at the menu…