If it walks like a poulet

Watching the pre-game show to the Rugby World Cup semifinal between France and England, I witnessed an astonishing sight.
Fans of the French team (whose official team nickname is Les Bleus) were proudly wearing cocks-comb hats, feathers and plastic beaks.
That’s right, the French were dressed up as CHICKENS.
I swear to Gods I am not making this up.



  1. lgude

    The cock or le Coq is a French national symbol – I’m not sure how formal it is. I had to tell an Ausssie friend this when we watched the game too.His reaction was similar to yours Sacha…”A CHOOK as a national symbol?” He asked. I replied – “No its the cock…not the hen…get it?” Its all about struttin’ and cock-a-doodle-do