A Few Thoughts About Campaign Financing

Apparently, John Kerry has decided to eschew federal matching funds for the primary season, joining fellow Democrat Howard Dean and President Bush in making that decision. A few thoughts come to mind:
1) Looks like *somebody’s* breaking into the catsup money. . .must be nice to be a kept man.
2) Memo to the Senator–filling a jalopy up with rocket fuel is not going to win you the Indianapolis 500.
3) As others have noted the matching funds program is running out of steam, and needs to be reformed: it’s becoming way too easy to decide to opt out.
4) However, the fact that a candidate can opt out in the primary season–and still come back to get the big pile of cash from the feds for the general election–is a major reason that GWB, and now Dean and Kerry are doing what they are. Why not just change the rule so that it’s all or nothing? That would give a candidate pause before he or she gave up that much money, presumably.



  1. Sasha Castel

    I wonder: where are all the screeching voices that yelled that GWB was being unfair and “undemocratic” when he did the exact same things for years ago. Anyone??
    “breaking into the catsup money”— too f-ing funny 😉

  2. Christina

    Dems now have alternative sources of funding, like George Soros and the four politcal action groups located in the DNC buiding and across the street from the AFL-CIO (but they don’t communicate of course). Because of campaign finance reform, their cash is now unlimited and unaccountable.