Do You Know Who I Am?

In Iraq, acting like a U.S. politician can get you killed.
From WaPo:
In Sadr City, the head of the municipal council, Muhanad al-Kaadi, was shot Sunday after an argument with a U.S. sentry posted at the entrance to the municipal building.
The guard apparently did not recognize al-Kaadi when he tried to enter the building, said Ahmed Hanoun, a resident of the township who said he had been waiting outside the gate to apply for a job when the incident occurred.
A military spokesman said the shooting Sunday occurred when a car was prevented from entering the building’s courtyard. The driver — who was not identified — got out of the vehicle and attacked one of the guards, trying to grab his weapon. Another soldier shot the man in the leg and he later died of his wounds, the statement said.

What actually happened was a tad more detailed according to folks I’ve talked to here who ought to know.
Mr. al-Kaadi’s car tried to enter the a courtyard in the compound in Sadr City. When the vehicle was denied access the driver backed up and attempted a forced entry by accelerating through the gate. The gate guards fired warning shots. The driver then stopped, got out of the car and began arguing with the guard. Then, the driver tried to grab the guard’s weapon. When the man wouldn’t let go and the guard couldn’t regain control on his own, a second security guard fired his weapon and hit the driver in the leg. On the way to the hospital the driver died of his wound.
He had three opportunities to live. He chose not to.
The irony is that the troops were there specifically to protect al-Kaadi and those Iraqis who work there.
Life Lesson #10: Showing your ass can get you killed.
Life Lesson #452: When the nice man with the semi-automatic weapon tells you to let go of it, you probably should.