A city, not an empire

We knew that Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a statist, a busybody, and a RINO. Now thanks toTony Blankley, we know he’s a flaming idiot with a jealous streak as well:

Firmly in the saddle of his favorite hobbyhorse — anti-smoking — he compared the alleged number of deaths from secondhand smoke that he implied Giuliani condoned by inaction (which His Brilliance Mayor Bloomberg has saved by banning smoking in his city establishments) to the number of New Yorkers killed on September 11. This is deranged in so many different ways. First, comparing himself in any way to Giuliani’s magnificent, heroic, humane and wise performance in the aftermath of September 11 is violently unuseful to Bloomberg. Equating the consciously evil slaughter of thousands of souls to the perhaps transitory consequences of industrial modern life is morally disproportionate. (In fact, his claims of deaths from secondhand smoke are based on disreputable junk science.) Implying equivalence between Giuliani’s alleged inaction and the terrorists’ mass murder is one of the most savage (and unjustifiable) acts of political rhetoric in living memory.
But just listen to his uncontainable resentment for his predecessor: “Think about all the press attention to 9/11 … that number of people die every year in the city from second hand smoke.” Apparently, he thinks the attack on the WTC should have been reported on page B12 of the Metro section. He sounds envious of all that attention Giuliani and the murdered 3,000 received. If one didn’t know he was the multi-billionaire mayor of the greatest city in the world, one would think he was one of those crazed derelicts with spittle slipping down the chin ranting to the wind about some pet insanity.

Not only has Bloomberg ruined himself with these beyond-asinine remarks, he has ruined New York politics for Republicans (a party he didn’t even belong to until shortly before the mayoral primaries… shades of Wesley Clark in reverse?)for at least the coming decade.



  1. Dave J

    Best of many great lines in there from Blankley: “No, a politician’s life is not a happy one. But it is even tougher when the politician is achingly stupid.”
    This is why it’s so painful to read the City Journal: so many great ideas so nearly certain to go nowhere. What a tragedy.

  2. Alan K. Henderson

    Bloomberg makes real RINOs look like the Wall Street Journal editorial page.
    I like to call ’em Spectral Republicans, in honor of one of Pennsylvania’s favorite sons. Where’s James Bond when we need him? 🙂

  3. Rich

    Bloomberg is probably factually right. And, smoking sucks and so does having to be around it.
    Blakely is a bloated phony.

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