What Media Bias?

Some more wishful thinking from the eminent Charles Hanley of AP
…witnesses said a suicide bomber drove an explosives-packed vehicle, apparently an ambulance, right up to security barriers outside the building at about 8:30 a.m. The vehicle detonated, blowing down the Red Cross’s front wall, devastating the interior and blowing shrapnel and debris over a wide area…But the bold blow at the heart of the U.S. presence here clearly rattled U.S. confidence that it is defeating Iraq’s shadowy insurgents.
My unscientific poll of 15 soldiers here in Baghdad shows that we’re not rattled — we’re actually quite pissed.
I am assuming Charles also took an unscientific poll. Sample size: 1



  1. Sean

    Welcome to the blogging world, it’s good to have another fresh voice from the front. I’ve been following LCdr Smash, turningtables, A Minute Longer, Salam Pax, Riverbend, etc… Most of the military bloggers that I started with have already made it home and I was wondering what the next generation of bloggers would be like. Stay safe over there so I can count you off as making it back too.

  2. button

    You are presuming too much, sir.
    We have no easy way of ascertaining that the transmitter of this material was Charles Hanley himself, or that he transmitted this material of his own free will. Perhaps someone was holding a gun to his ear and ordered him to transmit the material typed on a page he was given. Perhaps, it was actually Ali Babba who transmitted this material while posing as Charles Hanley who, for all we know, may be already dead and lying in a ditch or sewer somewhere on the outskirts of Timbuctoo.
    Next time, think twice, please, before you presume anyone did anything.

  3. Major Sean Bannion

    Ummmm….actually I DO know that. Until you know what I do over here, you to should not presume anything. I’ve got a FAR, FAR batter than average view of how local, regional and international media act over here.

  4. Silent Running

    You won’t see THIS opinion on CNN

    Thanks to the Internet, war is fought rather differently these days. Everyone can see exactly what’s going on, without having to get their information filtered through the big networks and the NY Times board first. As individuals, we can do…

  5. button

    I’ve put Hanley’s material into quarantine and marked it suspicious. It may stay in that category forever. Meanwhile, I don’t use it as a reference or quote from it. We have no obligation to parrot anyone’s material.
    It wouldn’t be the first time strange hijinks have happened to material being sent over a news feed or wire service. My purpose was to alert you to the possibility that you need to question the source and conditions of the feed itself and do not take it for granted. That still seems like a worthy point.