Is that really the best you can do?

I’ve spent a few minutes off and on today, watching coverage of the Anti-War March in Washington on C-Span.
It’s fair to say I’m not overwhelmed. In fact, I’m not even whelmed.
As soon as I tuned in, I was regaled by the hollering of Lumumba Bendale of the Coalition for Racial Justice. First of all, anybody named in part, or in entirety for Patrice Lumumba will not get my vote. Mr. Bendale himself is an American African American chap, who assured us that the bombs we are dropping in Baghdad, are the same as if we were dropping bombs in Bedford Stuyvesant. And that it was just as racist to have troops in Baghdad, as it would be to have troops or cops or something in Bed-Sty. That’s right, the war was waged in order to further white supremacist goals and oppress the brown-skinned peoples of the world. Therefore, the Coalition for Racial Justice, in order to fight White Supremacists, has formed a tight knit group of lesbians, gays, poorer blacks, non-English speaking Latinos and other oppressed persons, including “immigrants [who are often unfairly dubbed “illegal immigrants” by radical extremist right wingers], to liberate the land by any means necessary. Naturally, these protests aren’t aimed at the troops. Mr. Bendale was careful to point out that none of this was meant to disparage Blacks and Hispanics in the military – we all know they only joined because they were too poor and too oppressed to see any other route out of the ghetto.

Mr. Bendale was followed by another African-American chap who mainly screamed about BushHitler and someone else – perhaps CheneyHimmler?
And so on. And so on.
We got a little diversity – some fat White girls with greasy bad hair, the usually skinny white dudes with unconvincing beards and the weedy physiques you can only get from subsisting on bulgur wheat… but the message never changed. Bush=Hitler, war=racism, and “get your racist hands off my brown skin Jihadi friends, who are only seeking to worship God as they see fit, by blowing your white asses to hell.” Or something much like that.
I watched for about an hour, fascinated in the way one might be fascinated by a train wreck, or somebody croaking on the operating table. Go to, or any of the Indymedia sites, and you’ll see a slightly watered down version of the deranged lunacy I watched this afternoon. These folks are good at screaming, but damn poor at providing anything like realistic policy advice or a meaningful political alternative. We should not hate them, we should pity these lunatic remnants of the 60’s left, and their anti-globalist / anti-capitalism offspring.
What it comes down to, is at best, you just can’t take this kind of marxist post-colonialist cant seriously. If these are the best and brightest minds the left has to offer, if this is where the Democrats’ anti-Bush rage has led them, if these are the party activists… well, if all that is true, I can’t understand how George Bush can keep from laughing his ass off 24-7.
If these activists, who drive the Democratic Party, are the best that party has to offer in 2004, get ready for a Bush sweep. He isn’t my favorite president of all time, and I think he’s substantially screwing some things up, including some underperformance on security issues… but one look at the alternative nearly had me cutting a check to the Republican National Committee.
Yeah, the only thing in doubt for 2004 is how big of a Dem landslide Terry MacAuliffe predicts.



  1. erp

    Re: Anti-war demonstrations. I forced my husband to watch the network news tonight to see how the demonstrations are being reported. NBC — 16 minutes into the newscast and nary a word about demonstrations.
    I predicted that aging hippies screaming epithets was getting old fast. The news media and entertainers have learned their lessons. Network news viewership has plummeted and people are avoiding movies with the Hate America and Bash Bush bunch.
    We love movies but I won’t go to any movies with Baldwin, Clooney, Gere, Penn and the list goes on. I’m really sorry because I always thought Richard Gere was adorable.
    If we all do our little bit, things will change. Actions and words have meaning, so if you’re not willing to accept the consequences make sure you don’t offend your customers.

  2. Al Maviva

    Most of the protestors with a racialist angle seemed to be calling Arabs and Afghans and Iraqis “brown skinned” and “minority”.
    I’m waiting with baited breath for the inevitable Newsweek civil rights story: “Ultraviolent Suicidal Moslem Jihadis: The New Black?” Presumably, Jonathan Alter will be able to chip in with a sidebar, positing that knocking down skyscrapers full of people is actually patriotic dissent, and the strength of the patriotism is in direct proportion to the violence of the dissent, thus making Noam Chomsky a super-patriot, and Bush voters and others who would defend the West the most anti-American people of all.
    Such is the moral inversion plaguing the left these days. Watching C-Span yesterday, I felt as if I’d stepped into the looking glass…
    FYI, the news cameras were there. I think the pathetic numbers – lower than you’d get at an Indiana University of Pennsylvania football pep rally – are what kept it off the network news.