The obligatory silly list

Stolen from Whacking Day.
Current Clothes: Pink flowered Old Navy shirt, blue sweatpants
Current Taste: my Chinese Beef , recipe available here
Current Hair: shoulder-length layers
Current Annoyance: finding work
Current Smell: Botany 101 “Orchard Music” perfume
Current thing I ought to be doing: laundry
Current Desktop Picture: me and friends at Caffe Taci
Current Book you’re reading: See section to your right, “Things I Like”
Current CD in CD Player: The Marriage Of Figaro, acts 3-4
Current Refreshment: Green tea
Current Worry: lingering health problems
Food: pizza from the Cork Street Cafe in Gundaroo
Drink: Coca-cola or a nice Riesling
Color: Green, usually
Album: Kiss Me Kate new Broadway cast recording
Shoes: LL Bean red suede loafers or Capezio black canvas dance sneakers
Animal: Border collie
Movie: My Fair Lady
Song: “La Danza”- Rossini, or “Wonderful Tonight”, Eric Clapton
Vegetable: snow peapods
Fruit: clementine
Cartoon: The Simpsons