Second Return of the Son of Boy Cuomo Watch, Part 3

He’s baaack! And I thought my Boy Cuomo Watch feature was dead. Leave it to Andrew to say somthing stupid just when there is a surfeit of stupidity going around.
But wait… this isn’t stupid. These don’t sound like Boy’s words. They can’t be. He’s actually… praising President Bush???
“Democrats lost elections in 2000 and 2002 because we were lost in time”…”We expressed no clear vision for the future.

“We had become the party of fear instead of the party of hope – spending more time warning what Republicans would take away rather than we did on what Democrats had to offer.”
[President Bush]”exemplified leadership at a time when America was desperate for a leader.”
“He deserves credit, as do congressional Republicans, for recognizing the challenge of 9/11 and rising to it.
“Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, there was chaos” “We handled 9/11 like it was a debate over a highway bill instead of a matter of people’s lives.”

I’ll be darned. Maybe the boy has a few brain cells to rub together after all. Too bad he didn’t discover them when he was running for governor.



  1. erp

    Sorry, the left has to keep him. He’s related to one of their icons, and we don’t want him here on the right.
    Andrew, you might as well start a party of your own. You just about alienated everybody on the planet at this point.