On international zionist conspiracies…

Israel is under fire for hitting a couple vehicles carrying several Hamas leadership members.
According to the Palestinians, a missile hit one car carrying innocent Hamas members. A crowd of doctors and innocent bystanders then innocently crowded the car, and a small truck carrying other innocent Hamas members rolled up to the scene. The Israelis then struck the second vehicle, killing hundreds, or at least dozens of innocent bystanders, and injuring 50 or more guilt-free spectators.
Palestinian television has supported this claim, showing dozens of screaming Palestinians waving bloody clothes in the air, dozens of Palestinians being carried into emergency rooms at local hospitals, and dozens of screaming crying relatives of the dozens of dead innocents. “If the Israelis are innocent,” one enraged Palestinian asked the BBC, “then why are there so many dead bodies and so many wounded?”
That’s a fair question. Why are there so many dead and wounded on PA TV?
Apprently vexed by that iron logic, the Israelis, who control the world through a fiendish conspiracy when they aren’t busy drinking the blood of young moslem boys (according to certain Palestinian accounts) released satellite reconnaisance – commercial satellite film, as far as I can tell – of the airstrikes.

Based on what I saw on the BBC news, the first missile hit a small car… on a deserted road. Moments later, a second missile hit a small truck as it passed by the burning car… on a deserted road. This article more or less confirms the Beeb’s account.
Now it’s possible that the cunning Israelis have developed cameras that simply don’t see Palestinians. The late Edward Said would no doubt argue that the oppressed colonial worthies are invisible to the vicious racist gaze of imperialist oppressors, so perhaps that explains why you and I can’t see the large crowds of innocent, loving doctors and gentle, concerned innocent spectators the PLO says were present during the second air strike.
I suppose the “Jews control the world” theory that is being bandied about in the APEC conference this week is just as logical as any other explanation we are likely to hear. After all, Jews like Spielberg make space ships appear in Hollywood movies, so there’s no reason they couldn’t make innocent, peace loving Palestinians disappear from satellite film. And we all know that all the Jews in New York had advance warning of the 9/11 attacks, so they stayed home from work… right? (I mean, if the attacks even happened at all, and weren’t just an X-Files-style propaganda campaign staged by the Mossad and Hollywood producers…)
On the other side of the coin, perhaps there is an off chance, a remote scintilla of a possibility, just the barest probability – that maybe the Palestinian leadership and their supporters are slightly less than absolutely candid when they claim they are being butchered in cold blood by the Israelis; and perhaps this casts some miniscule shred of doubt on some of their other claims about ghastly Israeli / Jewish genocidal tendencies.


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  1. Dave in LA

    That’s it. Cameras that see through Palestinians. The Palis have a technology trick too — resurrection.
    Remember a while back to a big Palestinian funeral march for an “innocent bombing victim?” He fell out of his casket, came back to life, and climbed back in the casket. I hope they let him out again before they buried the casket. No sense in wasting a perfectly good miracle.