Margo Mania!

With Tim Blair AWOL, I thought I would fill in and point people to Margo Kingston’s latest adventure, which suggests that Sydney’s supply of LSD is as good as it ever was.

First off, you need to know that there’s a conspiracy – not about Jews, but about censorship

Another anecdote Julian gave last night was that he gave a speech at Victoria’s Parliament House a few months ago – a speech I put up on Webdiary without knowing the background to it until last night – about how part of the deal in us joining the International Criminal Court was that we had put into Australian domestic law laws against genocide and crimes against humanity. And under our domestic law of crimes against humanity, the government was guilty of that because they had put a specific cohort of people in detention etc etc.
A journalist from The Age had come up and asked for that speech. The journo had apologetically rung Julian a few days later and said: “Sorry, the editor doesn’t think that is interesting”. Don’t laugh. I think this is really important to know: in a war, there is censorship. There is massive censorship.

She has a differing opinion to the editor of “The Age” about what is newsworthy- that is not censorship, that is a difference of opinion.
But the conspiracy is out to get MARGO!

Again, in a war most journalists act as propagandists. If we are in a war, that does explain why the system won’t tell the truth, seeks to hide the truth, because nasty things have to be done to win a war, as we all know.
So where does that leave us ? Us people that turn up on a Saturday to worry ourselves senseless about the state of morality of Australia and its government? Well, that leaves us as traitors, terrorists, an extreme minority, and people who are in danger.

Too right you are in danger, Margo. Put that knife down, and take these sedatives….

One phrase that I have instructed Webdiarists to cease and desist from for some time now is this “Ashamed to be Australian” business, because that is not only not going to convince anyone over to our side – and let’s be frank, our side is a dangerous place to be. You say “Come over to here, you’ll have a lot of fun and everyone will really like you.”

So it is dangerous to be with Margo, but you’ll have a lot of fun? Put that knife down…….

You know, you’re appealing to something apart from that. I believe that the people in my terrorist cell – you people – have got more brains than the other lot. The other lot has got the power, and we’ve got the brains. We have got to free our minds to use the brains, because what we have got on our side is hope and optimism and faith.

And don’t forget, they’ve got the anti-gravity too!
I don’t go wading in these waters by myself- I might hurt myself laughing. Hat tip goes to Ken Parish for pointing out this gem