Since I have joined this blog, I presume I should be posting here. Not that I was posting at my own blog. I went home for the weekend and now I have midterms. So, first I didn’t have access to a broadband connection (I hate dial-up and my parents, for non-financial reasons will not be getting it) and then I had and have to study.
Anyhoo (as my Money and Banking Prof, Patrick Richard says), back to blogging. After writing a little bit about Wi-Fi (which I am using to write this) I wanted to come back and write some more, but the DoS on Hosting Matters stopped that. Not that that was the reason I came here. I have only written two posts this week.
So, what is going on in the world? The Yanquis are down 2 runs in the bottom of the 8th. Can they do it?
Super-late update: I guess they can ;). As has been ably pointed out by Dave J, Pedro should have been pulled after the bottom of the 7th or even after the hit by Jeter or after the hit after that. Where the hell was Little? Asleep?



  1. M. Scott Eiland

    Yep. They can. Kudos to Joe Torre and Mariano Rivera–two future Hall of Famers who proved themselves worthy of the honor tonight.

  2. Dave J

    That sound you hear through your screen is me spontaneously combusting. The Yankees didn’t win–the Sox lost. As usual. But this time it’s not The Curse. There were no horrible calls or weird fuckups. There was just Grady Little’s stupidity and Pedro Martinez’s egomania.
    Next year…always next year.