Al Franken the lying liar

Rich Lowry ‘s column tells the humorous story of the time Al challenged him to a duel. Well, sort of. A fistfight, or perhaps a wrestling match. Physical violence, anyway. (Weren’t liberals supposed to be against fighting, it being bad for children and other living things and such? But I digress.) Lowry:

In his book, Franken describes me as “terrified” when he challenged me over the phone. He knows this is false. During that conversation and a subsequent one, we were both jocular, which is why we eventually ended up having lunch instead of combat. But I was amused and tempted by his offer, and talked seriously to people about taking it up on grounds that it was an open invitation to bruise an obnoxious twerp. This represented a rare and lucky opportunity — Howard Dean, for instance, will probably never ask me to punch him.
And it would have been a decidedly low-risk encounter. Franken stipulated during his challenge that he was nearly 50 years old and suffered from chronic back pain — a kind of plea for mercy before we even got started. If you would have to pick the male “type” represented by Franken, you would put him in the “Richard Simmons category.” The short, bespectacled, curly-haired actor’s film career consists of playing a lisping character named Stuart Smalley. John Wayne he is not.

Ouch. WUSS! Which is kind of the point.