Wakey Wakey

Via Jay Manifold I found this story that suggests that a boom is ahead for people that need to stay awake.
I work permanantly on afternoon shift, which suits my biological rythyms. I’m a ‘night owl’. But I’m not such a night owl that I could work permanantly on night shift.
Modafinil, which is the name of this new wonder-drug, will be a boon to the over-worked. But is that such a good thing? If your boss knows you can stay awake all night, do you trust them not to make you do it all the time?



  1. Alan K. Henderson

    I wonder if there’s a market for a pill that puts you to sleep for 40 hours?
    Whoa, it just occurred to me that you’d be skipping 5-6 meals – the world’s laziest diet. Any entrepreneurially-minded pharmacologists out there?

  2. Alan K. Henderson

    This article says that under normal temperatures the human body can survive about a week without water. The next questions that come to mind are 1) whether the body need less water during sleep, and 2) if two days without water does any serious damage to the body.

  3. Michael Jennings

    Pah. I was onto this about 18 months ago, also subsequently here, here and here. Actually as an overcaffeinated geek, I would love some of this stuff. (Note that Modafinil is the trade name of the drug, whereas Provigil is the generic name). (Note also that the Washington Post journalist who wrote the article is Joel Garreau, who wrote one of the most enlightening books I have ever read, on the subject of why modern cities have developed the way they have.