Opera world round-up

*The great mezzo-soprano Stephanie Blythe gets a great write-up in the Times.
*Pavarotti is making a pop record, including a collaboration with (I swear) Jeff Beck. The mind wobbles.
*What is Patricia Racette doing singing Leonora in Trovatore?? Does she have a vocal death wish? Granted, Philadelphia’s Academy of Music is a small theater, but still…
*Martin Bernheimer attends a Leontyne Price master class, and is impressed.
*Karita Mattila sings her first Salome in Paris, to ecstatic reviews.
* A Turandot in the style of Japanese manga animations? Apparently.
*Now this could be very, very good: Pedro Almodóvar is in talks to direct Cosě fan tutte at La Scala.
*”British soprano Susan Chilcott has died of breast cancer.