Johnson on Art History

The seemingly indestructable British historian and critic Paul Johnson is still hard at work, producing “Art: A new history”. This interest surprised Eric Gibson over at the OpinionJournal. It didn’t surprise me, as I’m currently re-reading “The Birth of the Modern” a snapshot world history of the period from 1815 to 1830.
Johnson is one of my favorite authors, with a crisp style, and trenchant opinions. He’s been a stalwart at the “Spectator” for ages, and keeps pumping out solid histories. He’s also reviled by the Left, who do not forgive apostasy- Johnson was once editor of the “New Statesman”.
This work is a work of criticism, as much as history, according to Gibson, and is blighted by an unfair contempt for anything after Picasso.
I’ve not read it yet, but I might order it in time for Christmas.