Signs we’d like to see.

I know we’re not supposed to laugh about what’s going on in Iraq. Much of the latest news isn’t exactly a laughing matter. But one passage got me to smile:

LARGE sections of Baghdad were in turmoil as former Iraqi intelligence officers demanding jobs hurled stones and charged US forces guarding occupation headquarters.

Can you imagine the signs at the demonstration?
“Will Spy for Food”
“Give me a job, I know where you live”
“We KNOW you have vacancies”
I dunno, it made me smile, anyway.



  1. Al Maviva

    The discipline and restraint of American troops, in not opening fire with machine guns and leveling the whole crowd of Saddam’s ex-henchmen, is amazing.

  2. Steve Edge

    As an active duty member of the Navy, I can tell you that our troops have tremendous character. I’m proud of the way we have conducted ourselves.