Enlightened, kind left wingers…

This is one of the nastiest incidents of voter intimidation I’ve ever seen.
Honestly, if this situation involved me, and the anti-Arnold poll watcher tried to get my wife to strip to vote, I would have beaten his smug left wing butt into the dirt, and then called the police on myself. Somehow, I think the odds against conviction at a jury trial would be in my favor.



  1. vladsi

    1. She could have turned her shirt inside out.
    2. She wore the blanket OVER the shirt. And cried?
    3. She knew what she was doing when she put that shirt on that morning to go vote. Why does she think she can electioneer within 200 feet of a polling place? It’s not legal.
    4. In her post, she fails to mention it was a political shirt. Trying to get sympathy while not telling the truth to readers is skeezy and dishonest. What other parts of the story is she not telling us? Perhaps, when initially confronted, the poll worker simply informed her that she could not wear that shirt at the polling place. She interpreted that as “you have to take the shirt off” because she was, of course, looking for trouble.
    Untrustworthy, dishonest, disingenuous. No sympathy.

  2. Al Maviva

    You are allowed to wear political shirts. This issue has been well litigated.
    You aren’t allowed to hand out election materials advocating a particular candidate, or, ironically enough, to intimidate other voters. It’s pretty clear she had a “go Arnold” shirt on. Yeah, sure, she’s a drama queen. That doesn’t mean she’s wrong.
    The Left: We’re in favor of free speech, as long as it is in agreement with what we think.