Destinationally challenged

A few minutes before the polls had closed, I caught the soon-to-be ex-Calif. Dem. Party Chairman, Art Torres, remarking on FNC that…
“We’ve got people that can’t find their polling places.”
Sample ballots with voting directions, weeks in advance. Daily political junkmail brandishing “YOUR POLLING PLACE ADDRESS IS…” The fact that nine times out of ten your polling place is either the same as last year, right down the street from last year, or that church two blocks away from your house.
God forbid those votes go un-counted.
Art went on to talk about how the recall was actually an indication that Bush was likely to lose in 2004. That this “backlash” was really a result of the Bush Administration’s policies and that Gray Davis took the fall for the federal government’s failings.
Isn’t that cute?
Sort of reminded me of one of those Survivor contestants, right before he or she gets sacked in tribal council. “I had no idea I was next!” and, of course, “That blond bitch had it out for me…” and “I guess I should have known better than to trust her.” Then the two tussle in front of the camera, torn bandanas barely covering…
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  1. Nick

    Actually many polling places were changed this election.
    I had to look mine up online.
    It turned out to be in walking distance.
    I kicked Davis to the curb.
    Well, really into some lucrative consulting job somewhere.
    Still beats him running the State.