Katha Pollitt Loses It

Although to be sure, I’m never certain that she had that much to begin with. But the hissy she throws over Arnold’s “harassment” is merely a hair short of lunacy.

One wonders what would happen if even a fraction of the energy expended on Bill Clinton’s sex scandals was applied to Mr. Schwarzenegger.
One wonders what would have happened if “feminists” like yourself had treated Bill’s scandals with the wrath they deserved.
Instead, reaction as been strangely subdued.
I tend to doubt that. Even in AUSTRALIA the news has been the lead or second-lead. And Australians, you may know, have no actual vested interest in the outcome of the race.
Thursday night’s “Hardball” was typical. Chris Matthews, who chose the curiously sweet, rather affectionate word “fondling” to describe Mr. Schwarzenegger’s behavior, seemed mostly interested in getting Senator Dianne Feinstein to compare the actor’s grotesqueries to Mr. Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. The senator was so intent on being statesmanlike that she didn’t even point out that Ms. Lewinsky — unlike the the women in The Los Angeles Times article — volunteered herself.
Okay. Let’s get this straight, once and for all.
Monica Lewinsky was an INTERN.
She worked for the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED GODDAMN STATES, who is married, by the way.
They had sex in the OVAL F**KING OFFICE.
You just know that if George Bush had been caught out with an intern, Pollitt would be crowing about family values.
Besides, it’s not the Monica issue that’s the real comparison here. It’s the Paula Joneses and the Kathleen Willeys and the Juanita Broaddricks… the women who were REALLY SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. Jesus Christ on a buttered bagel Katha, when you call a pat on the boob or a grab of the ass “sexual assault”, you cheapen the term for women who have been actually been raped and brutalized. You claim to be acting in the interest of women. I don’t really think you had this in mind.
Or maybe you did, and you’re just the feminist equivalent of Jesse Jackson. My mistake.
It’s been that way with Mr. Schwarzenegger and the press from the start. Neanderthal, callous behavior with women? Hey, we were all young once! Boasting of pushing Kristanna Loken’s head in a toilet bowl in “Terminator 3?” It was just a joke, man.
Movie role. Reality. Different things.
Actor. Screenwriter. Different jobs.
Or maybe the story just doesn’t get picked up: The Wall Street Journal wonders why no one has made anything of the curious fact that the candidate hired a consultant whose two former wives testified that he beat them.
So the consultant is a wife-beater. That’s it. Arnold must be hanged!
What’s going on here? If Arnold Schwarzenegger were a Democrat, the right-wing news media —
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wait she’s serious isn’t she?
— the tabloids, the shock jocks, the Bill O’Reillys and the Rush Limbaughs — would have sent him back to Austria long ago. (If he were a woman, needless to say, he could never have gotten into politics in the first place.) But the so-called liberal (actually centrist) news media is either too squeamish to paint Mr. Schwarzenegger’s behavior in all its glory or too blasé and faux hip to care.
Unlike your friend Bill, Arnold has actually apologized for his boorish behavior of the past. Not to mention he’s never lied about it…while Bill has famously been convicted of lying about it, several times In fact, I’m sure some Republican Party folks wish he’d been a little less forthcoming about the indelicacies of his past.
Why is it so hard for commentators to come right out and say: here is a man who seems to have a long history of contempt for women, who uses his celebrity to get away with sexual humiliation — why does he belong in public life?
“Seems to”, being the key phrase in that sentence. Katha already has the man tried and convicted, and he’s never even been charged with anything.
But that doesn’t matter: since when has the truth ever mattered to leftards?


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