From the “Don’t Dish it if You Can’t Take it” Files

Remember a week or so ago when Tucker Carlson thought he was being funny and gave “his home number” out on the air, except the number was actually for Fox News’ Washington bureau?
Uh-huh, so Fox posted Carlson’s home number on their website. This is what we who traffic in practical jokes like to call “tit-for-tat.”
But here’s Carlson’s reaction:

In an interview with The Washington Post, Carlson called Fox News “a mean, sick group of people.”

Note to Tucker–loosen the bowtie. It seems to be depriving your brain of some much needed oxygen, because you’re laboring under the delusion that while it’s okay for you to play a mean-spirited prank on live TV it’s not okay for the “prankee” to retaliate.
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