Valery ***** / Wilson Affair

A couple words about the White House leaking the name of the wife of a Nation writer and former ambassador, who went to Nigeria, drank sweet mint tea at the embassy for a few days, and announced that it was impossible the Iraqis ever tried to obtain uranium…
First of, it’s crapulent if the White House did indeed leak Joe Wilson’s wife’s name and employer (CIA). I understand it’s retaliation for him slamming the White House by writing an article for the house rag of American communism, The Nation, but still. The government is supposed to be above that; it doesn’t sink to the level of the hecklers. So much for restoring dignity to the White House.

Second, I firmly believe you are seeing less of a scandal here, and more of a petty CIA / White House vendetta. If I had to guess, I’d say the present CIA chief is unhappy about his job tenure prospects, and unhappy that the CIA is catching more than its fair share of the political fallout on Iraq. I happen to think that the fallout for our so-called failure – generated by the retroactive anti-war movement orchestrated by the Dems – is bullshit. But just because something is wrong, and a lie, and stupid or downright malicious, doesn’t make it any less of a political factor. The end result is that a day doesn’t go by but Dubya thinks he shoulda shitcanned the upper levels of the CIA following 9/11. This whole thing just reeks of an internecine bureaucratic war… gee, do you think this internal war might screw up operations a little further down the line?
Third, if the woman in question is indeed an analyst, she’s no more undercover or covert than your Uncle Joe. The intelligence arms of nations have very few high level folks whose careers will be shot if compromised, and that type of person tends to be young-ish to middle aged at the very oldest. There are always exceptions, but black work is a game for energetic young folks. And while the wives of ambassadors and the like are rumored to have engaged in a little spookery from time to time, any kind of heavy-duty work would be frowned upon by the State Department, not to mention that it would jeopardize the entire diplomatic mission. The woman in question may have done some discreet work… but covert? Please.
Fourth, I find it highly ironic that people who have never had anything to do with the intelligence community are now splitting differences between covert, overt, and discreet postings; official cover, non-official cover, and non-covered roles; and possessed of utter certainty that Valery P was not only a WMD expert, but basically the female James Bond whose career is now ruined. Yeah, a goatee and a masters in sociology gives you in depth knowledge of that stuff, I’m sure. Hell, if you put a picture of yourself looking contemplative on your blog’s front page, it’s probably worth 10 IQ points right there…
Fifth, I find it not only ironic, but disgusting that the selfsame wankers who are howling about the PATRIOT Act’s incursions on their rights are demanding the Bastinado for Bob Novak, to get him to reveal his source. First Fucking Amendment, Assholes… Ever heard of it? Oh, sorry, that’s right, it’s a sword to you, and not a shield… at least it’s not a shield when it’s held by a conservative columnist.
Sixth, the same folks, who believe in their hearts that national security is an irrelevance when compared to getting the government to pay $1.39 for cream for Aunt Selma’s rectal warts, are now howling that if Bush did anything to harm national security, that he should be hanged for treason, along with all his staff. Yes, this is ironic, coming from the faeces bespackled long hairs whose obstructionist screaming and general rioting – in place of any serious suggestions – does more to paralyze U.S. politics and jeopardize national security than any Al Qaida cell or Arab prince. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride; and if clueless utopian political and economic theories were Porsches… well, we wouldn’t be able to make any more Volvo jokes about peace protestors.
And finally, what makes me sick, is these shitbags, who haven’t served their country a day in their life; who basically spit on military folks except when there is a political point to be scored; who keep insisting that it’s guns or butter, so we can only have food, or a military – these same yellow punks are now insisting that if Bush so much as endangers the hair on the head of the leastest Private First Class, that he must be impeached.
Please, assholes – go right ahead and fuck the military, but at least have the courtesy to give a reach around, and quit lying to them. Most of the liberal to left folks I’ve known either flat out hate people who join the military, or at least look down on them as stupid no-hope losers. A lot of them are amazed that I was ever in the military. Several times I’ve heard “oh, but you’re so um… you aren’t dumb… I’ve never known anybody in the military before.” Yeah, well, that statement sort of gets at how the left thinks about military folks ignorance of the troops being no barrier to condescension and hatred. They should at least give the soldiers and Marines and sailors the credit of being smart enough to understand when they are being used for vindictive partisan gain. The left should spare them the cheap grace of pretending that anybody left of Arlen Spector gives a shit about anyone in the military. The lefties hate their guts – so they should quit acting like they care.
What it comes down to is the White House started a little partisan game of tit for tat, rather stupidly. They’ve now given every idiot in the country something to focus on and scream about for the next year.
Sure, the left is covering itself in the opposite of honor yet again. And true, their hypocrisy is thicker than 90 weight gear oil. But I expect very little of them, so their hypocrisy and shrillness and viciousness is completely unsurprising, and frankly I’m used to them being that way. What bothers me is that the Bushies gave the left an opening to drag the country deeper into the sewer. No, I can’t blame the left for dragging away – but I can blame Karl Rove or whoever it was that took the manhole cover off the sewer and invited them them to drag us in.



  1. Al Maviva

    Yes, sorry if you take offense to my venting, but I am highly disgusted with what’s going on in politics in my home country. We’ve got barbarians at the gate, steady and persistent unemployment, inflation is making a return, the opposition party has collapsed into raving lunacy, and the Republicans, grown fat and sleek with power, are arrogantly spraying tax dollars all over the place as if the public fisc were a firehose. Perhaps you can understand the reason for my howlings. I curse because blowing off steam beats saving it up for a single big meltdown, putting a couple .357 rounds through the TV.
    And, by the way, dear sir, what exactly on the merits do you disagree with?
    On the other hand, if profanity bothers you to that extent, then perhaps browsing this blog is not to your taste.
    Might I suggest TheChurchKnittingBeeBlog, or perhaps the MilquetoastWithDeCafNescafe Blog? Since you will never hear an untoward word, nay, not even an uncouth turn of phrase there, you will be free to take them as seriously as you please. I am pleased to be,
    your f*%$ing servant,
    Al Maviva

  2. Mike Rentner

    I spent eight years in the US Marine Corps. I am neither a prude, nor am I offended by foul language.
    But I don’t think such liberal use of it in a written or even spoken form adds to credibility. The natural assumption is that your emotions are getting the better of logic.
    It’s just crude and reflects a failure to take the time to engage in civil correspondence. It makes you sound like a raving looney.
    I didn’t say I disagreed with your points. After a while, there didn’t seem to be much point left, so I’m not even sure if there was a point to agree with.
    I’ve been coming here the last couple weeks, and I thought I had found a place where interesting ideas were presented. I can find foul mouthed rants anywhere.

  3. Scott Wickstein

    Foul language should be used in prose like Chilli pepper, and for the same reason.
    Your quite right that the Repubs. need a horsewhipping over doing this; the closer one looks at them, the less impressed one is of their political skills or common sense.

  4. pbird

    You’re jumping wildly to conclusions. Take three deep breaths and relax. This is a nothing story. By taking it as seriously as you appear to, you are only giving the stupid lefties credence.

  5. doc Russia

    Rentner- Actually, it sounds very much like the language of the Corps. I was infantry, and foul language was considered bard-like poetry, which took real talent and skill to use to full effect.
    In fact, there are only a handful of PG-13 words in the whole entry; hardly foul.
    At the same time, I appreciate your point of the perception of unchecked emotion clouding reason.
    Ultimately, I do not find the language too coarse, nor do I find the WH/CIA infighting theory convincing. I do happen to agree with the her perception of the left/liberal view of the military, which evokes very much the same visceral reaction.
    Marinespeak: The slacker shitbird libs are buddy-fucking the whole nation, and the repubs are in such a clusterfuck, they can’t seem to get their heads and their asses wired together. Hell, they started droppin’ dimes the size of manhole covers on each other! The old man at the White house needs to start stomping assholes before his unit gets skylined again, so we can light up them fuckers over at the DNC.
    …..When’s chow?