Vacation, all I ever wanted

Like a lot of people, I have dozens of dream vacations. I’d love to go to Australia to check out the natual scenery – desert, beaches, and south-of-the-equator stargazing. Castles are groovy, and Europe’s got ’em. As one of the rare Americans who knows the difference between a Tudor and a Plantagenet, I’d like to see the many historical sites (and prehsitoric sites) in the UK. I’d like to see Israel when I can afford a bomb-proof limo. I’d like to see the ancient sites at Karnak, Machu Piccu, and Angkor Wat. I’d like t see the pyramids of Egypt and the Great Wall of China.
I’ve also got in mind a couple of dream vacations tied to special anniversaries. The first: Tokyo on November 3, 2004. That is the 50th anniversary of the release of Gojira, re-released two years later as Godzilla, King of the Monsters, with some scenes deleted and other scenes featuring Raymond Burr added. Originally an allegory of atomic warfare, Godzilla succeeded King Kong as the inspiration for monster movies. Of course there’s more to see in Japan; the trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing Mount Fujiyama or taking the bullet train to Kyoto for a day. Come November 3, I hope to be sitting in a Tokyo theater watching the original Gojira, and with any luck I’ll find an English-subtitled DVD of the film.
The other dream vacation would take me to Berlin and Prague in November of 2009, coinciding with two 20th anniversaries: the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 3, and the Prague protests that stretched from November 17 through the end of the month, triggering the collapse of the Communist regime. The plan is to be in Wenceslas Square, site of the initial protests, on the 17th, and to visit the Magic Lantern theater on the 19th, where the Civic Forum was organized two days into the historic protests.
Last year I started a second blog on my Blogger account, the Henderson Prize for the Advancement of Liberty. The leaders of the Velvet Revolution were honored on May Day of this year; the award anouncement has plenty of information about the revolution. I don’t know a lot about the history of the fall of the East German government, but when I do, there’s an HPAL award with its name on it.
Does anybody else have a dream vacation associated with some special anniversary?



  1. Mrs. du Toit

    Not associated with an anniversary, but going to the Olympic Games in Greece was something I had wanted to do. Between finances, schedule, and the fact that the there is a war on, I’m not going to go.