Poetic License

Being Australian, I am a devotee and a player of that strange game called cricket. This sport bewilders Americans, but I’m a passionate fan of it.
As I was explaining to Sasha, via the magic of instant messaging, I had resumed training for this season. I did ok too, “Not bad for a man with a steady eye, a hollow tooth, and a wooden leg.” I boasted.
Sasha seemed bewildered- she had not noticed a wooden leg when we met up in July.
It was Poetic License, I explained. I love using poetic license, so much so that back in my school days, I actually made one, which was more creative then the chemistry lesson I wasn’t paying attention to
It said…

Scott Wickstein is hereby licensed to practice poetry.
Lincense #345 -34
This license is valid for 12 months and must be renewed.
It is not transferable, and unauthorized use will be prosecuted.
J. Keats,
Registrar of Poets.


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