Rabbits, cloning and China

Totally fascinating article by Tony Blankley about new Chinese advances in cloning. Blankley makes a point that may get him into trouble with his conservative brethren on many points:
[I]t is already known that the ASPM gene on human chromosome No. 1 regulates the number of times neuronal stem cells divide inside the embryonic brain about two weeks after conception, thus determining the number of neurons the adult brain will have. Assuming proper synapse, the more neurons, the higher the potential intelligence of the individual. Of course, environment also plays a measurable part in usable human intelligence — but if the genetic part can be manipulated upward on an “industrial” basis in a population — there will probably prove to be no reason why, within a few decades, a group of super intelligent people could not be formed. Moreover, bio-engineering may be able to physically improve man across the entire spectrum of our functions — yielding extraordinary economic as well as strategic advantages. (Neanderthal man was a magnificently successful early man. But when he met the more intelligent CroMagnon man, he quickly went extinct.)
Of course, mistakes will be made. Island of Dr. Moreau-like monsters may well be formed. God may punish a people who presume to tinker with his handiwork. But, as the Chinese push forward, hell-bent for industrial levels of genetic manipulation and cloning, supported by the massive bioengineering research they are now beginning to fund, American voters and congressmen will have to balance their strong ethical and religious revulsion of cloning against the danger of being surpassed by a gene-manipulated super-race. John Kennedy won the presidency in 1960 warning of a missile gap with the Soviets. Will some future president win on the warning of a brain gap with the Red Chinese?



  1. Yobbo

    If we can get assurances from Beijing that all the super-girls will look like Zhang Ziyi, then I give my full support to this noble project.

  2. Yobbo

    Now that I’m actually reading the article, I’m imagining a chinese-rabbit hybrid…i.e. Zhang Ziyi with a little fluffy tail. I’m a sick, sick man. Sorry Sasha.