John Burns don’t eat worms.

A while back, I was talking about John Burns, the NY Times reporter who had a harrowing time in Baghdad. He dropped a dime on a bunch of reporters who were kissing Saddam’s ass for access. I had mixed feelings about his motives – but either way you have to give the man some credit for standing up.
Well, here’s a critical point that I sure didn’t think of but Glenn Reynolds and others did. In his article, Burns talked about a reporter in the media contingent who was actually taking copies of the other western reporters’ articles to the Iraqi intelligence services.
Umm, that’s not just sucking up for access. It’s not just doing what you have to do to get the scoop.
It’s fucking rat bastard treachery, at a very base and low personal level.

Upon further review, I’m not angry about Mr. Burns possibly having dirty hands.
I’m angry because he hasn’t finked out the rat bastard reporter who went beyond sucking up to Saddam; I’m angry because he didn’t find a stick, and beat the damned stoolie into the dirt. At the very least, Burns could out the bastard. Presumably, the untrustworthy shite is working in Manhattan, or LA, or Chicago, or London, writing his stories, pontificating, and pondering his own moral superiority as a journalist and a public figure.
We talk a lot about the low morals of criminals, and convicts, and other folks who are unfit for society. But among criminals, a chap like this snitch would be made dead rather quickly. Yet among us “respectable” folks, nobody except for a few crank bloggers are willing to say a damn thing about it. One has to wonder, what kind of morally inverted creatures we civilized folk are.
Sorry ’bout the language. Words sort of fail me when I contemplate the kind of person who would side with a violent, nasty dictator instead of his colleagues and friends from the free world.