Photos at last!

I’ve finally managed to wrestle my digital camera into giving up its precious pictures of Australia. More will be coming soon, to be sure. You can view the whole album by clicking on the cheesy button below:

UPDATE: Yes, you have to register with ImageStation. Takes about two minutes.



  1. Evil pundit of doom!

    Faces to the names

    Sasha Castel has posted a link to pictures of her visit to our country. Among these photos can be found the smiling mugs of several well known Right Wing Death Beasts whose names will be familiar to Australian bloggers….

  2. Tony.T

    There seem to be a lot of pictures of funny shaped bridges, bizarre looking theatres, beachfronts, sheep and beer. And as for Beauty Parlours. What are they? You sure you were in Australia?
    That Tony the Teacher’s a fair piece.