What happened to the Singapore Sling?

Via James Russell I read this story:

Infuriated by growing reports of weddings marred by tardy guests, Singapore’s government this week launched a “kindness movement” to encourage punctuality, its latest attempt at social engineering to improve etiquette.
About 400,000 “punctuality reminders” have been sent to hotels which usually plan weddings in Singapore. These are passed to couples to include with invitations and read simply: “Punctuality is the politeness of kings”.

That provoked Jason Soon, who knows the region well, to comment:

Singapore-the only country in the world whose closest Muslim neighbour is a more fun place to live in.

Could there be a more telling indictment then that, I wonder?



  1. BigFire

    Remember the ole saying “Singapore believe in the system of one man, one vote. Lee Kuan Yew is the man, ang he’s got the vote.”
    It is truely a social engineer’s dream city to practice their craft.