Quit me baby

Yes, I am giving up the demon weed (tobacco, silly). I have, at this hour, been backy-free fror 8 hours… longer than I’ve been since the 15 hour LA-Sydney flight. You may wish me luck and also help me support my new habit (Nicorette patches, spearmint gum and pencils to gnaw on) via the PayPal button on the right. Every $20 I get will keep me on the patch for another week, so your generosity is appreciated!



  1. rabidfox

    Good for you. It CAN be done, but it takes resolution. But beware of month 3. For some reason around that time the desire will come back as strong as it is not and, if you’re not aware of it, sabotage the struggle. I know, I’ve been there and now need to start all over at day one. Good luck!

  2. Cliff

    I used the “contemptible weed” for almost 40 years, and have been off it now a year and ahalf. Even though I am quick to recognize the positive benefits of quiting…the urge (sorry to say)is still present, and varies in its intensity.

  3. John Anderson

    Drat. It is a good thing to quit, but every time someone quits the price for my habit goes up a fraction.

  4. Judy

    Good luck. I did it after 40 years with the help of patches and someone who said I didn’t have the will power. Every time I felt like one I thought of him and all those CEOs who said it wasn’t habit forming. I’m going on six smoke-free years although I still have to occasionally think of those SOBs.

  5. Bruce

    It took me slightly more then 8 weeks. 2 weeks on the 21mg and then 6 weeks on the 14mg. Finally I started cutting the 14mg patch in half and carrying half in my pocket and half on my skin. That lasted less than a week and I quit wearing the patches all together. I went a bit longer than they recommend but it is now five years later and I am still not smoking. I don’t even think about it. (Well, ok… once every month or so I smoke a cigar)
    Good luck and enjoy the intensity of your dreams!

  6. bobt

    After patches, Gum, etc, I finally succeeded with the lozenges – they substitute for the habit until they become also too expensive to continue….good luck!!!