Let’s get it on…

Didja see this article about the sound that black holes make?
Evidently, it’s a low moaning noise, about 57 octaves below Middle C.
It’s a couple billion light years from Earth, more or less. It’s such a low tone, most people can’t even hear it.
I guess now we know what happened to Barry White.
Update: Upon further review:

Of course it makes sense that Black Holes would sound like Barry White.
Who else could make celibate sharks mate?
Who else could inspire scientific studies of assexual reproduction, to answer the question, “what species could possibly get it on without the help of Barry White?
Who else could save the snakes on Whacking Day?
That’s right, Barry White.
I propose that we immediately find a good bass-baritone, say, Matti Salminen, and use the SETI Network to beam back a message: “Dear Barry: We can’t get enough of your love, babe.”
And in a special, metaphysically correct twist related to black holes, we could also send a shout out saying “You’re the first, the last, my everything.”
Failing that, we could just play some recordings of this.



  1. Silent Running

    Oh baby…

    If I laugh out loud at something, I steal it for you! Here’s Al Maviva at Sasha Castel’s blog (please re-adjust your permalinks, it’s changed) on what we’ve just discovered about the music of the spheres. Didja see this article…