More on drunk food

Got to thinking about Scott’s post below (I regret to say that I never did have a pie floater while in Adelaide) about the best drunk food.
1) Chinese fried dumplings. Contains the perfect carb/fat/protein ratio to soak up alcohol.
2) Cuban sanwiches also work well for this purpose, and the garlic sauce perks you right up too.
3) A bagel is simple, effective, and very convenient if there is an all-night bagel shop nearby (as Columbia Hot Bagels is to Caffe Taci)
4) Anything from Green Kitchen, the 24-hour diner on the corner of 77th and First Avenue in Manhattan. It was built to serve drunks, I am convinced. That neighborhood is chockablock with bars, and I’m pretty certain that that place does the lion’s share of its business from 2-5 AM. Have an omelette.
5)All other food scouting efforts fail? Coke, Doritos and a Camel Light. It’s not pretty, I know… but when you gotta eat, you gotta eat.



  1. Katherine

    Polish hunting stew. Consists of sauerkraut, cabbage, onion, juniper berries, sausages and any and all kinds of meat (beet, ham, chicken, but venison would be preferable). Then you cook it for couple of days over small fire, best in the open, untill it reaches uniform consistency.
    You can drink any amount of alcohol with it – this stew is so heavy that you will be absorbing the alcohol and digesting the stew over a period of days.
    It is also surprisingly tasty. 🙂

  2. David Gillies

    JonT hits the nail on the head. Best Doners I ever had were from a takeaway in Coldharbour Lane in Camberwell, a few yards down from my flat. Heaven!
    When I lived in Bradford, the abundance of cheap and good Indian restaurants meant that most of our post- or intra-binge food moments were spent inhaling vast quantities of Lamb Dhopiaza with loads of FBC’s (Poppadoms, or F-ing Big Crisps).
    Anyway, the pie floater is hardly an Australian invention. A meat pie upside down in a bowl of mushy peas with a load of gravy on top is a staple of North-of-England pub grub. It’s the sort of thing you eat to warm you up when you’re in the Rugby Club and you’re having a piss-up after playing on a freezing cold Wednesday night. Looks disgusting, tastes magic. Wash it down with eight or nine pints of Black Sheep Special and you can’t go wrong.
    I’m hungry now.

  3. Mike Matterson

    Dynasty fried dumplings are indeed O.K. for hangovers, but did you know that NYC has it’s own better version of White Castle?
    West Side Market on 110th sells frozen White Castles but not the cheeseburger version. Same with their Pizza Rolls: just cheese. Dagastino’s reopened this week, and I will have to check if they once again have Brocciliflower, a green colored cross between Broccoli and Cauliflower. A great veggie munchie that doesn’t need to be blanched like Broccoli to be soft enough to eat and doesn’t taste bland like Cauliflower either. But I digress.
    Instapundit lead to you lead to praise of the Bagel shop across the street from me, in our 95% Upper West Side Liberal university town.

  4. Oschisms

    Ahhhh. Da Green Kitchen. After Allie’s DJ gig, We get there every Thursday night- or more accurately Friday morning- around 6-6:30am. Usually most of the crowd is gone by then.
    2 eggs over easy, bacon, toast and home fries for me- Allie has whatever he wants. We both order tea. Sometimes we split an order of curly seasoned disco fries. (Fries with melted American cheese and gravy)
    If you’re ever in there at that day and time and see 2 drunks who look like they were allowed to stay for a few after last call, introduce yourself the one that ain’t weighed down with boxes of records.

  5. David Perron

    IMO the best cheese steaks in the world are to be found in Delaware. Not that anyone actually goes there.