The language police

I wasn’t kidding in the post below when I said the French have their own language police ready to fight back at the slightest intrusion of English (and other languages as well presumably, but who are we kidding, English is the real enemy). The latest target of their ire is e-mail, to be replaced tout-suite by “courriel”.
You know, I tres like my native laguage, with its multitude of bons mots from all over le monde. Why, just yesterday I was discussing this very subject with my chauffeur while eating a croissant, “English is so laissez-faire, so relaxed”, I said, while sipping my cafe au lait. “It would be impossible for us to have a language police like les Francais do. Quel horreur! I much prefer Anglais, which as that good Mr Greenberg says in the article which I haven’t seen yet, was multiculturelle before it was even an idee fixe. How very au courant! So “peuh”! I say to the stodgy French, who, the way they’re going now, will be the custodians of a tongue every bit as mort as Latin or Sanskrit in a few years. Au revoir, chiens!


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