Thanks Sasha!

Hello to everyone! This is my first post here in SashaLand, or on a blog for that matter, so please bear with me if I commit any blogging protocol faux paus! Being my first post, I’d like to keep it short.
I saw the following on a bumper sticker today and almost wrecked while LMAO:
Conservatives are from Venus, Liberals are from Uranus
Was it good for you?
Thank you Sasha for inviting me to be a guest poster. I hope I can live up to your expectations!! 🙂


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  1. Haleh

    Dear Sasha,
    If you support the Iranian people in their struggle for freedom against a Babaric Islamic Dictatorship please join other blogs worldwide in the BLOG-IRAN Grassroots Campaign. If you’re interested definitely visit
    Hope to hear from you –
    In Unity & Struggle,