Fisking the Almighty

Having already taken the piss out of Mother Theresa, the Clintons, and Bob Hope,Christopher Hitchens goes after God.
The Ten Commandments, to be precise. And I’ll be darned if he doen’t make a pretty potent case for dumping at least two or three of them.
But what next, Hitch? Once you’ve taken on God, where is there left to go?


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  1. Tregagle

    The early christian gnostics held that there is a true god, ineffable, unknowable, silence. This god is loving and a small spark of him exists in every human being. This spark must return to god ultimately.
    There is also Yaldeboath, the god of the old testament and offspring of Sophia (Wisdom), both of these being far eminations from the true god. Yaldeboath made the world and all that there is in it, but was unaware that he was not himself god.
    Thus we are all of Yaldeboath’s making, but have the eternal spark which will inevitably return to the true god.
    Christ, they held had always existed and came to save man, and is alive in the world.
    So I suppose that the ten commandments are of this world which we live in, in a drugged-like state, unaware of the ineffable. So Christopher may be right, we can ignore the commandments as the standard, but have the much more difficult job of listening to that spark, silence.
    These pre-christian sects claimed that Christ taught two groups, ordinary people who could not understand his teachings, and the gnostics. All the sects were outlawed by the early church and labeled “heretic” Some of their writings survived in the Nag Hamadi library unearthed in Egypt in 1945.
    Christopher ! With your name it behoves you to look to silence.