I received a delightful invitation to join this excellent and succulent blog and I am thrilled.

Tragically, my first post at this hallowed site contains neither news nor value.
My first post is merely a musing regarding my recent fixation on the word “succulence”.

For about a month now, this particular word and it’s variations have been bouncing around in my head like a snippet from an old melody.

All day long, all I hear echoing around in my skull is “Succulent”, “succulence” and “succulently”.

Sometimes I hear it in a sentence such as: “Pass me those succulent figs.”

The word has it’s root in the Latin word “succulentus” which means “juicy” or “sappy”. It connotes fleshiness or tasty moistness.

Hmmmm….I wonder what contorted psycho-sexually-repressed bilge is churning up these thoughts.

Is a traumatic childhood weaning experience re-visiting me?

Perhaps I was all too violently removed from the teat in the same way that California governor Gray Davis finds himself being wrested away from the government teat he had latched himself to.

Who knows?

Perhaps it is the remnants of the torturous yearnings I endured through my six years in a male-only boarding school.

I hope it quiets down soon.

I’m getting tired of hearing it and it is only a matter of time before I accidentally commend a fellow worker on the “quivering succulence” of her reports.

I’m already in enough trouble around here.