The return of la grenouille

“Fred the Frog” renowned among these parts for his incoherent comments on the infamous “French Boycott” post, is back, opining on the tragic death of scant 10,000 of his countrymen(A hot story):
You’re complaining about French inefficiency facing unusual hot weather. Why ?
About 3000 french are dead, you must be happy ! Death of cowards, traitors, pieces of nothing ( of shit : according to Jeff B…) mustn’t be a big deal to you. Am I wrong ?

Afraid so, ol’ Fred. Unlink some of your compatriots, I never rejoice at the deaths of innocent people whose only crime was to be alive in France in summertime.
Talking about inefficiency : I must confess France is not able to copy your wonderfull, north american sized blackout.
The magic number is 50. 50 million people out of electricity, 50 billion dollars cost. Only america can afford such a tremendous example of loss of money.

Funny that, we got the power back on in a matter of days. How many of your fellow citizens have come back to life?
Frankly speaking I do not understand this raising for hate of french people, but nevertheless we have a sentence in France for that : “Being considered as stupit [sic]by an idiot is a deep intellectual pleasure”

You know, the French would take deep intellectual pleasure in that.
Fred corrects himself in the next comment:
Sorry for “stupit” I really must be stupid…
Hey my friend, if it walks like a canard and talks like a canard
A little clue for Sasha (But you surely know) Castel is the old french for castle, you must be so ashamed with a name of french origin…
A little clue for YOU, Fred. Did you know that Castel is also old Spanish for castle? And that there is an entire region of Spain called Castile? That’s where my ancestors come from, not France.
Castel and castle also show a lot of english words are french origin.
Indeed many are. I’m very proud of my language, which acquires words from every single region and culture.
Sorry you will have to live with that, unless Bush’s administration take advantage of “freedom fries” syndrome in order to create a specific language cleaned of french origin words.
I’m fully prepared to live with it, Fred. I would hate to see English turned into a language that has its own police force to guard against the intrusions of any eeeevil foreign words.



  1. Dodgeblogium

    He’s back

    Fred the Frog, someone I traded barbs with over the French Boycott, is back commenting on all criticisms of France over on Sasha’s blog. Presumably, he has returned from his August holidays and made sure none of his elderly relatives…

  2. Paul Jan

    Funny that, we got the power back on in a matter of days. How many of your fellow citizens have come back to life?

    Heh, you slipped that in there so nicely…

  3. Fred the frog

    I must confess I’ve found my master… You Sasha are so clever that I must resign.
    The french boycott has conducted me to your roundtable discussion. My purpose was to understand why so much hate of french people just because we were not agree with your way to react to 9/11.
    I’ve found so disgusting comments, so called humour, against France that (Too much times) I’ve let my anger answering for me. Reading back most of my comments, I wish I could change some, express an other way from time to time. English is not my mother tongue, I wish I could have been more tinged on some occasions, and sometimes a little less “stupit” ;-).
    Here I’ve understood the cultural gap between american and french people (Understand I don’t give any value to one or the other). This difference leads us to misinterpretation, but what has been done is gone. Only stays in my mouth a bitter taste of regrets.
    La grenouille quits with a special post, a kind of apotheosis. But Fred is not fred the frog and I’m sick of it all ! Death of US soldiers and retired french citizens are too serious subjects to continue squabbling about.
    Take care Sasha, take care you all…

  4. Paul Jan

    Only stays in my mouth a bitter taste of regrets.

    I think I can smell the Gitanes and hear the strains of an accordion in the background…