A hot story

I must say, when those stories started popping up about Frenchpersons dying by the thousands in the heat, I was skeptical. But apparently they’re true. And the French have the,er, gall to lecture us about loss of life in Iraq!
Mark Steyn, as usual, puts it perfectly:
Maggie Pernot wrote the other day to chide me for my continued defence of the Rumsfeld Death Camps at Guantanamo. The prisoners, she complains, are “kept in tiny, chainlink outdoor cages where they were likely to be rained upon”. In fact, they have sloping roofs and cool concrete floors, perfect for the climate. If they had solid walls rather than airy wire mesh, they’d be Parisian sweatboxes and everyone would be dead. By contrast, if those thousands of French pensioners had been captured by the Marines and detained by Rummy in Cuba, they’d be alive today.
Mme Pernot writes from St Julien, France. That’s right: she’s surrounded by an actual humanitarian scandal on all sides but she’d rather obsess about an entirely fictional one. Heat getting to you, Madame? Or just the unusual odour from the flat next door?



  1. Michael Jennings

    I have to vote “The gates of hell are on the périphérique” as my favourite observation of the week, too. (The périphérique is the orbital motorway that almost exactly follows the boundary between the actual city of Paris and the suburbs. And the suburbs of Paris do not have an especially nice reputation).

  2. John Anderson

    When the toll stood at 3000, I read a statement that this was not really so bad as it was “only” about 300 more than usual.

  3. Fred the frog

    You’re complaining about French inefficiency facing unusual hot weather. Why ?
    About 3000 french are dead, you must be happy ! Death of cowards, traitors, pieces of nothing ( of shit : according to Jeff B…) mustn’t be a big deal to you. Am I wrong ?
    Talking about inefficiency : I must confess France is not able to copy your wonderfull, north american sized blackout.
    The magic number is 50. 50 million people out of electricity, 50 billion dollars cost. Only america can afford such a tremendous example of loss of money.
    Frankly speaking I do not understand this raising for hate of french people, but nevertheless we have a sentence in France for that : “Being considered as stupit by an idiot is a deep intellectual pleasure”
    Take care my friends.

  4. Fred the frog

    Sorry for “stupit” I really must be stupid…
    A little clue for Sasha (But you surely know) Castel is the old french for castle, you must be so ashamed with a name of french origin…
    Castel and castle also show a lot of english words are french origin.
    Sorry you will have to live with that, unless Bush’s administration take advantage of “freedom fries” syndrome in order to create a specific language cleaned of french origin words.

  5. Omnibus Bill

    Dear Phred da Phrog,
    I can completely understand how you would compare the 10,000 or so dead Phrench pensioners, to the power grid problems we had in the U.S. the other week. Boy, we sure had egg on our face. Here we are trying to restore power in Iraq, and our own power went out, which is apparently really common here. Why it last happened in just 1977, and before that in 1965.
    I see what you mean about it being a big deal, as big as the ongoing humanitarian nightmare in France. A night without lights in my house, when I’m forced to spend the evening out doors with the neighbors, looking at the stars, is just as bad as 10,000 dead Phrench senior citizens. In fact, I wish there was some way I could exchange one for the other, but I can’t, so please just pass me another Sonoma County Chardonnay, and let’s get drinking.
    As for the mass casualties, you should treat the 10,000 or so dead the way many French urged us to treat our 3,000 or so dead on 9/12.
    Sit back, and think hard about what you might have done to make the Sun-god angry. Think about how your arrogance and smug assumptions of cultural superiority may have caused its vicious attack. Ponder, and think hard, about why there are no stories about Jews having fled the country prior to the Sun-god’s ravishments. And then write a book about it.
    Yeah, that’ll fix you right up. Alternately, you could just do the usual and blame Bush and the Americans for it. If it works for you, it’s fine by me.