I’m Scott Wickstein, an Australian blogger from the city of Adelaide. Sasha stopped over last month for a few beers.
My regular blog, “The Eye of the Beholder” is having a bit of a design makeover. Renovating a weblog is like renovating your home, and I’m not much chop at that either. So Sasha has very kindly allowed me to ‘guest blog’ on this site, and kudos to her for allowing me to do so.
It’s rather cool though, this guest blogging caper; it’s like a friend lending you the keys to their car. (I promise, not a scratch, Sasha, and I’ll take care not to spill my Whopper and coke either..)
Anyway, if this blog speaks with an odd voice from time to time, it’s just my Australian accent (imagine Paul Hogan without the charm).



  1. Michael Jennings

    Hi Scott. I think I may be doing a little guest blogging on Troppo Armadillo next week (attempting to actually explain how the Australian senate is elected). I agree this sort of thing is kind of fun.

  2. Michael Jennings

    I intend to at some point have a few beers with Scott while watching cricket on the television, either at home or in a pub. That sounds like one of his preferred activities, and it is definitely one of mine.