Moral standards

Remember a while ago, when Silvio Berlusconi was excoriated for suggesting that Western culture was superior to all others? Well now Mona Charen is picking up that meme and running with it:

Feminists who are quick to file lawsuits for even the smallest slight in this country are strangely reluctant to make common cause with women in nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. Why? Is it because championing those women would imply that Western society — which feminists have so long derided as sexist — is far better than any others when it comes to the treatment of women?

So-called “Feminists” would never admit that. True, western civilization invented the women’s rights movement as we know it, and the conditions of women in the third world as Charen describes in her column are truly appalling, but to some, they’re no worse than what women experience here. These pampered, middle-class, college-educated, wage-earning “feminists” wouldn’t know true oppression if it beat them over the head. Like it does in many of the countries they idolize.