Did they bring this on themselves?

Regarding the bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad:
Of course, it is a tragic occurrence whenever there is loss of life. But we must, at this point, stand back and examine the root causes of this act of terror.
Why is the United Nations so hated? What have they done to engender such rage that would cause a tragedy such as this one? In my opinion, the UN must reach out to the perpetrators of this tragedy and attempt to remedy the social and economic ills that led to this act.
(Before you ask, yes, this is satire. Hard to tell these days)
UPDATE: The goddess of satire mocks me. Alan Anderson tells all.


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  1. beatrice Mutebi

    We all regret the loss of life in this bombing!!It is always a great tragedy to lose any life in such circumstances. But it is not enough to just bewail the loss and vow vemgeance, and rail againt the evils of this world! We need to have an intelligent and dispassionate study of the whole global situation and treat the root cause of all this fundamentalism other than treat the symptoms, the most public face of these symptoms being terrorism!!!. The United Nations may find itself as the recipient of the endemic hatred to the Americans, not because the UN IS HATED, BUT BECAUSE IT IS SEEN AS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL IMPLEMENTATION ARMS OF THE USA POLICIES!! This, unfortunately, may again be the case when the UN votes to allow countries to give both financial and human aid to the Americans in its bid to keep Iraq!!.But Prayers do not cost a thing , except fith, and we shall keep on praying that these fundamentalists may find another way of getting heard other than destroying very innocent lives!!!
    The USA, and especially its President, trashed the UN unmercifully during the days running up to the war and even during and immediately after!! It is quite embarrassing to see tht the UN is going to waste this given chance to redeem its relavance on the international scene and getting tangible concessions from the USA as well as demonstrating to the world that it never pays to defy the legitimate world’s moral and political body, by tripping over itself to get through a waterd down resolution in favour of the USA!!!
    As for France, I cannot believe the President is serious about sacrificing his and his country’s credibility on this wa by choosing to abstain and not using the VETO!!! President Bush and the world at large, let alone Iraq, woud have been served better if the countries which had the veto like France, China and Russia had had the moral fibre to use the stabilising power of the veto, other than engaging in a lot of useless rhetoric!!!
    Unfortunately for the world, we are going to be treared to the same scenario!! May all the parties that may be affected show restraint and a genuine respect for human life!!!