My neck hurts just thinking about it

Marie Antoinette
You were Marie Antoinette!
You were born in 1775 in Vienna, the
daughter of Emperor Franz Stephan. You weren’t
the best student, but you did show some musical
inclination and even played some duets with a
young lad named Wolfie Mozart. At the age of
14 you were married to the son of the King of
France. Four years later the King died, and
you became Queen. Whether or not you really
said “Let them eat cake” when told
that the peasants had no more bread is not
really certain, but it was probably just bad
press. You were, however, definitely very
young and inexperienced with the gossip and
intrigue of courtly life. The people of France
revolted in 1792 and you and your husband,
Louis XVI, were thrown in prison. A year
later, you were both executed by the guillotine
for treason. Ick.

Which Leader Were You in a Past Life?
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  1. Tony.T

    I stuffed up the perma-link. I hadn’t realised thaif you click on the time-link thigo it just show your overall site address. Just fixed it. Oh yeah, I’m QEI. Without the make-up.